Water System and Annual Reports


The Larder Lake Drinking Water System consists of (2) groundwater wells, (1) treatment plant consisting of (2) trojan swift SC UV reactors which are used for primary disinfection and (2) sodium hypochlorite pumps which provide secondary disinfection.

The plant also consists of (2) 200 cubic meter clear wells and a 100 cubic meter pump well which houses (3) high lift pumps and (1) high- capacity fire pump.

The distribution system severs approximately 800 residents.


The Sewage collection system consists of (1) main sewage pumping station and (2) sub-pumping stations.

The main sewage pumping station pumps sewage to the ex-filtration sewage lagoon located on Davey Low Road.

The sewer network has a total length of 11.4 kilometers, which includes a 2.3 kilometer section of forcemain to the lagoons. The network is constructed of various pipe materials.

Drinking Water System Annual Reports

Fire Ban Effective Immediately

Larder Lake Municipal Fire Ban Effective Immediately Until Further Notice