Committees and boards

Committees and boards

Finance and Administration Committee:
The Finance & Administrative Committee reviews Township policies regarding accounting; audits; purchasing; including tenders; request for information; request for proposals; financial policy and tax collection, assets, and human resources.


Parks and Recreation:
Parks and Recreation is responsible for the planning, maintenance and programming of town parks, sport field, beach, and marina along with the banquet facilities in the Municipal Complex.  The Public Works Department along with the Committee works together in a role with local parks, recreation, sport, art and cultural services providers to facilitate the growth of community based services programs and special events which include:

  • Recreation Centre
  • Ski Club
  • Skating Rink
  • Youth Centre – Larder Lake Youth Committee
  • Beach Program, and Municipal Parks

Planning Advisory committee:
The Planning Advisory Committee reviews policy associated with building inspection, land and property development and use, property standards, street names, heritage planning, and site and subdivision plans.
The Planning Advisory Committee studies and reports to Council on policy matters including, but are not limited to, building inspection and building permits, land and property development including development approvals, official plan amendments, and zone change amendments. 
Heritage planning, Land use policies, Planning fees, Plans of subdivision, Property standard, Site Plan approvals when required, Street naming and renaming, Subdivision agreements, designs and inspections.
And, further, to consider such similar matters as may be directed by council.

Social & Fire Services Committee:
Social & Fire Services Committee is responsible for the planning, and operations of the following areas of the Township:

  • Library Board
  • Fire Department
  • First Response
  • Medical Centre

Public Services Operations:
The Public Services Operations is responsible for the planning, and operations of the following areas of the Township:

  • Public Works Department
  • Marina
  • Raven Park

Larder Lake Library

 Committee Members:

  • Tracey Reid – Board Chair
  • Marlene Herron – Vice Chair
  • Annie Cunnington
  • Susan Sheldon-Cannon
  • Louise McGuire
  • Judy Dolhy
  • Frankie O’Conner
  • Patricia Hull – Municipal Council Representative

Larder Lake Ski Hill

 Committee Members:

  • Amber Cairns
  • Stephanie Sabeski
  • Sara Boisvert
  • Samantha Pierce

Committee of Adjustment

Comprised of Council