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Larder Lake Walleye Enhancement Partners


Volunteer catching Walleye in spawning beds to harvested eggs


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Email: dolhyj@ntl.sympatico.ca


Larder Walleye Enhancement Project Gets Help

Newspaper clipping of Hatchery volunteers receiving donation cheque

Taken from Northern Daily News, Feb 2004: Rick Owens, Reporter

The Larder Walleye Enhancement Project has landed a big donation from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters' Fish and Wildlife Fund.

The $2,000 donation was applied for by District C of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and will be used to help purchase a new outboard motor to be used on the project.

The project currently has a heavy duty boat that is needed for the project, but a larger motor is needed. Ted Dolhy, one of the people involved, said they are hoping one of motor manufacturers will come on board with sponsorship.

The Larder Lake Walleye Enhancement Project is completely run by volunteers in partnerships with the Ministry of Natural Resources, which provides professional services and limited funding.

The project started four years ago and already it is having a positive impact on the Walleye fishery in Larder Lake. Dohly said while they don't have scientific measurement a lot more people have been catching 14 inch Walleye, which would be fish that were released four years ago. Larder Lake is a natural Walleye habitat, but in recent years most of the Walleye being caught were trophy size and this was taken as an indication that the fishery needed some help.

So for the past four years volunteers have gone to the Walleye spawning beds, harvested up to 1 million eggs, fertilized them and placed them into the hatchery. The eggs are put into hatchery jars and most are released in various streams when they are fry.

Dohly said some of the fry are kept in ponds and are raised until they are fingerlings, 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches, and are then released in the lake. While this is more costly, the survival rate of the fish increases significantly. The project tries to raise 5,000 fry into fingerlings.

Currently there are about 26 volunteers working on the project. While the project is limited by funding, participants are pleased to receive a donation from the Ontario Hunters and Anglers for the second year in a row. The next fundraiser for Larder Lake Walleye Enhancement Project if the very popular Arctic Open, which if a golf tournament held on the ice of Larder Lake in April.

In addition to purchasing the new outboard motor the volunteers would also like to raise enough money to build ponds so they can raise more Walleye fingerlings. The project also has ongoing cost that must be met.

Larder Fish Program Gaining Support

Newspaper clipping of volunteer receiving donation cheque
Taken from Northern Daily News, April 2004

The Larder Lake Walleye Enhancement Partners continues to receive local support.

Bruce Dudgeon, of The Land Store.ca donated $1,000 to support the program. Ted Dolhy, one of the residents involved in the program said the money will be put toward purchasing a new outboard motor, which is used to get volunteers out to collect eggs and then to release the fry back into the lake. This year the volunteer group is hoping to collect about 1 million walleye eggs. This Saturday the Larder Lake Arctic Open is being held on the lake and proceeds from, this event will also be put towards purchasing a the new outboard motor.

The unique golf tournament starts at 9 a.m. with registration taking place art an ice hut located on the lake. People can enter as individuals or as teams. A number of area businesses and stores have donated prizes and Northern Telephone has put up a $500 prize for a hole in one. Registration is $20 per person. The Walleye Enhancement Program is operated by volunteers in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources. The walleye eggs are collected from Larder Lake, hatched at a hatchery in Larder Lake and then returned to the collection point and other areas of the lake.

Dohly said they are hoping the Larder Lake Arctic Open will raise the remainder of the money needed to purchase the outboard motor.