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Red Hat Society logo

We are a global society of women who are in pursuit of Fun--Friendship--Freedom--& Fulfillment.

Fun - To celebrate life at any age
Friendship -To solidify & expand the bond of sisterhood
Freedom -To discover & explore new interests
Fulfillment -To realize our own personal potential

Red Hat Society logo

The Larder Lake Chapter presently has 18 members.  Our membership is involved in 4 F's mentioned above; however we also rise to the occasion if there is a need for assistance in the community.  We participate in local events and activities as we are able to.

We gather monthly to join in comradeship and celebrate any birthdays and to enjoy a relaxing evening or afternoon----good food----good company.  Our "Queen" is Sharon Lancop and when she is here we meet in her shop beside the liquor store.  During winter months we take turns in different of our homes.  We also share the odd meal at a local restaurant.

We each contribute a token amount to support our needs to function and each birthday girl receives a card and a gift of money from all of us.  Each birthday celebration includes a 'scrumptious' cake provided by one of our ladies.  At Christmas time we gather together for some cheer and have a 'secret Santa' exchange.  We are there to support each other whenever needed.

We interact with other Red Hat chapters in our area a few times a year when we meet for good food--good fun & comradeship.  Of course when we meet like this we are dressed in our "Red Hat" finery.  Fancy hats and boas to enhance our outfits.
To become a Red Hat member a woman must 50 years of age and older.  The only rule to follow is that she will wear a red hat and red or purple clothing with like accessories.  If a woman is between 40-50 years old and is interested in being a member and is accepted into the group then she must wear a pink or mauve hat until she turns 50 at which time we celebrate and allow  her to wear the Red Hat.
We are open to increasing our membership.

Contact Information:

Betty Oehring, 1 Third Avenue, LarderLake  P0K 1L0  Ph: 705-643-2317
Email: betty_jane83@msn.com
or Sharon Lancop Ph: 705-643-2133 (during summer months)

Red Hatter's is our name and Fun is our game.